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*We no longer carry appliances of any kind, including washers, dryers, or refrigerators 

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Burbank Furniture has been faithfully serving the people of South Arkansas and North Louisiana since its founding in 1950.  Since then, the business has stretched across three generations, two names, and even across El Dorado when it moved from its original location on South Washington St. to its current home on North West Avenue.  The store is now run by Doug Burbank, who has run the family business all his life.  “The secret to Burbank Furniture lasting 70 years is pretty simple, we treat people right.  You treat people right and they always come back.”

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Over 30,000 Square Foot Showroom

We carry a wide variety of up to date styles of furniture.

We look forward to our routine furniture markets we attend across the U.S. through the year, to keep up with the latest trending styles for our customers for the best value.

​Friendly through History!

We are well known for our friendly customer service. We go the extra mile for our customers to meet their style and taste. If you can't find the exact thing you like in the store, we will take the time to research and get it for you!

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